March 30, 2009

Get LinkedIn or Left Behind

With the increased competitiveness in the job market, job seekers need to take advantage of every opportunity to follow a job lead and make a good first impression. One of the easiest ways to engage recruiters and hiring managers is through the group function of LinkedIn.
  • Group Keyword Search. Use the search keyword search function to search for groups geographically and by industry.
  • Join Large Groups. Once you conduct a keyword group search, groups are listed by those with most members first. LinkedIn allows basic users to join a total of 50 groups. I recommend taking advantage of this free, networking service and join all available groups.
  • Personal Group Settings. LinkedIn allows you to control the number of updates you receive from the group administrator and if you prefer the group logo displayed on your page. Keeping the group logo confidential helps in keeping your job search under wraps.
  • Leave comments frequently. Leave interesting comments, tidbits, and other information on a regular and frequent basis that are professional and related to the group you are member of.
  • Take advantage of free messaging. Messages between group members are free. You need not be part of their network to contact them directly. Unlike inmails there are no monthly limits. Make sure to reference the group you are both a member of when contacting them directly.
  • Create your own Group. Take control of your networking and create your own group allowing you to control the content and members.
LinkedIn groups are another great way to develop your online brand presence in addition to the traditional uses and features of LinkedIn. Keep your name and professional profile fresh in the minds of business managers by utilizing this great LinkedIn feature.