March 25, 2009

Connect with Social Media Connect

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to drive traffic to your web site, but companies like Connect Social Media ( can help. Jim Quillen, owner of Connect Social Media assists companies with special social media projects like increasing web traffic through the utilization of free social media platforms, increasing your google rankings, and search engine optimization strategies. He also provides online workshops and training for businesses who are looking to streamline their online brand.

Jim who calls Oklahoma home aims to help businesses take the social media plunge. He says that interest in social media has increased over the last several months as the economic downturn has brought an increase in business.

Jim's easy to read website and blog includes valuable information and insights discussing a variety of social media topics in real time. His most recent post discusses Twitter and their use of new advertisements and how they will impact applications and Twitter's simple format. Other posts discuss the race for social media supremacy.