June 1, 2008

Top Tips to Get the Job

Here are top tips to help you get the job. These are the most common barriers I run across from a hiring manager's perspective that keep a candidate from landing the job. I can't guarantee results but often times a nip and tuck here and there will do the trick.

  1. Know the job. Know the requirements, company culture, basic company and industry information. Part of selling yourself it knowing what you are up against and being confident and knowledgeable is half the battle.
  2. Dress appropriately for the interview. Come dressed to impressed. Wrinkled pants and a stained shirt are not the way to land your dream job. Ask a receptionist what the dress code is and do one better.
  3. Communicate effectively. Regardless of the position you are applying for, your communication skills are key--communication via email, your resume, by phone, and in the interview. Be prepared with examples of your skills, projects, and qualifications. Use the STAR method. (See previous post)
  4. Use your resources. Leverage those within your networking circle to help give you the edge above your competition. Call on professional friends and others to make a quick call or email to provide a personal testimonial about why you're the right candidate for the job.
  5. Play the game. As a candidate you walk a fine line between desirable and desperate. Don't overdo it and appear desperate to try to land the job even if you really are. Give the hiring manager some distance. Don't return calls immediately but within an appropriate period of time normally within 4 hours. I don't normally recommend scheduling an interview within the same day for the same reason. The job search is a business negotiation. Most smart business people don't walk onto the car lot and buy the car the same day. Use your poker face.