June 9, 2008

7 Top Reasons Why People Leave Their Jobs

HR consultant Right Management asked 1,308 people why they left their jobs in the last year. Here’s how they answered (numbers add up to more than 100% because some people said they left for more than one reason):

  • Downsizing or restructuring (54%);
  • Sought new challenges or opportunities (30%);
  • Ineffective leadership (25%);
  • Poor relationship with manager (22%);
  • To improve work/life balance (21%);
  • Contributions to the company were not valued (21%);
  • Better compensation and benefits (18%).

So what's this mean to you? The job seeker is not alone. Many of us have challenges in our jobs and even had our positions eliminated or our priorities shift because of families. Do your research and know the facts to give you a leg up in the job search!