June 15, 2008

B4J's Tip of the Week

One of my biggest pet peeves as a recruiter is when I contact a candidate and they don't remember anything about the position or if they actually applied. When this happens, this tells me the candidate doesn't really care and they are not that interested in the position.

Here's my recommendation to keep this from happening:

  1. Apply only for positions you are qualified for or serious about. Seriously, it's a waste of time for you and me.
  2. Keep a tickler file of the positions and date you applied for them. When I was in the hunt, I set up a small file. I printed off the job description off the internet or kept the newspaper with a big circle of the position I applied for. Place the date in which you applied in the right corner of the paper and include any notes.
  3. Keep a log. Keep track of which person you spoke to and about what position. The job seeker appears much more put together and credible when they mention to the hiring manager that Susie, the recruiter and I briefly discussed the position. Nothing drives me crazier when the candidate calls me by the wrong name. At least once a week I am called Jennifer. My name is Jessica. The log will eliminate this problem.

When doing these things, you are more prepared, sure of yourself, and able to wow the hiring manager or recruiter.