June 12, 2008

Another Shout Out for B4J

Another website is promoting my site & post promoting it as one of the posts of the week. See below:

From Jessica Miller-Merrell at Blogging for Jobs: How Blogging Can Land You a Job
“As the hunt for talented professionals gets more challenging, recruiters and creative head hunters are turning to blogs and blog comments to connect with passive candidates. Do a Google search on the internet for “Jobs and Blogs” and you’ll find testimonial after testimonial from job seekers who have landed jobs or been contacted by recruiters from a blog or blog comment post.”

Wally’s Comment: Jessica is a recruiter. Her blog has lots of good advice about landing the job you want, including this piece on using blogs to find it and increase your own visibility.
Thanks to everyone for your support. To learn more about Wally's blog, click on the link below.