February 27, 2009

Are You the Next Director of Social Media?

Schnake Turnbo Public Relations firm based in Oklahoma City and Tulsa announced earlier this week that they are hiring a Director of Social Media. Yes, I said Director of Social Media. And of course, the position was announced via a youtube video which at present time has 400 plus views in addition to the numerous tweets, online comments, and blog posts that the position announcement has also generated.

This announcement and position comes as no surprise to those of us who advocate the use of social media for personal and business branding and marketing. It is a testament to the fact that managing your online brand is more important now than ever. How you to choose to brand yourself could result in a new position as the Director of Social Media.

The buzz this announcement has generated has resulted in multiple newspaper articles, water cooler talk as well as the viral and public relations frenzy. I'm looking forward to seeing how ST goes about announcing their new Director Social Media possibly via live podcast available through multiple social media channels.

With so much buzz generated from this announcement, what do you think is the best way as a potential candidate to grab ST's attention? Certainly, a tradition resume won't do.