April 2, 2008

Quick Resume Tips

In these turbulent times, it's always important to have your resume updated. You never know what opportunity will arise so be prepared. You want to make sure you highlight all your great qualifications and make a lasting impression. Consider the following tips:

  1. Bullet point your skills and qualifications. Use some key words here that describe your qualifications. This is the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. I often call this your Billboard Resume. It's your one chance to catch the interest of the hiring manager and make an impression.
  2. Have a professional email. This is so important! You can get your free email address from sites like gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. Avoid using your birth year in your email that can be used as filters.
  3. Remove education dates. These can also be used to filter candidates. Don't draw attention to the fact that you're young--22 or that you are close to retirement--67.
  4. Use Action Verbs. Instead of "Experienced in Verbal Communication and Presentations" use "Proven Communicator". Other common action verbs include Assisted, Converted, Customized, Established, and Facilitated.
  5. Keep it simple. Less is more. Purge your resume of run-on sentences and long explanations. Recruiters spend 15-20 seconds looking at your resume.

Your resume should be a paper representative of your professional self. A little work can go a long way.

***For more action verb examples visit http://www.quintcareers.com/action_verbs.html