April 9, 2008

Visit me at OKC CCNG as a guest presenter!!!

One of the reasons I created this blog is to provide job seekers inside information about the full cycle recruiting process from start to finish from the eyes of a hiring manager, recruiter, or business owner. Next Tuesday, I will be conducting a presentation about Call Center Business and Effective Recruiting Strategies for the Oklahoma City area Call Center Networking Group (CCNG) on April 15th. Send me an email (jmiller-merrell@sbcglobal.net) if you are interested in attending as a professional member of this group. Not only are the topics information packed but the networking opportunities are outstanding! Bring plenty of business cards and purell.

Look for a full update about my presentation and other interesting view points later next week. If the stars align, I hope to post my powerpoint online for your own viewing pleasure and education. Education is power and by understanding the recruiting processes and strategies, it will better prepare you for success in the job hunt.

Happy Hunting!