February 26, 2008

The Salary Negotiation Process

You've made it through the multiple interviews, and it's job offer time. As if the job interview process wasn't tricky enough, you're faced with the salary negotiation process. You have mixed emotions. On one hand you're excited to receive a job offer and often relieved and on the other you try to maintain your cool. So what's the standard process?

Typically, you receive a job offer either by phone or face to face with the recruiter or hiring manager. Each job offer situation is different. Here are some points to consider.

  • Be upfront. If the hiring manager gives you a lowball offer, express your disappointment and your expected salary range based on the position requirements and qualifications. Sell yourself!!

  • Be professional. This is most important. No matter what the situation is don't beg or treat the hiring manager unprofessionally. Often times the salary negotiation process takes time. Keep your game face on.

  • Don't feel pressured. Take the time that you need before you jump in. Measure the pros and cons. Speak with family members and your professional mentor. If the company wants you, they'll wait just not forever.

  • Ask questions. Hopefully, during the interview process you've already asked some questions and gotten a feel of the culture and environment that you might be working in. Make a list and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.

  • Be realistic. Don't make crazy demands that are unrealistic. I am always upfront with the candidate especially if they are expecting a salary that I can't offer. Unfortunately, not every company or recruiter is. Follow your gut.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for more. . . money, vacation, pto, benefits. This is your one chance to be in the driver's seat with the company you're interested in working for. Be realistic but if you feel you deserve a company car, more vacation, a larger salary, or medical benefits from day 1 of employment, let the hiring manager know. I recommend that you be prepared by doing your research on industry standards as well as being prepared to sell yourself and the reasons why you deserve __________ (add benefit or salary here).

Good Luck and Happy Negotiating!! Next time. . . Networking when Relocating