February 24, 2008

Job Hunting on the Edge Part II

In this job market, one in the job hunt needs to be creative to get that competitive edge and develop their own personal brand that will get you noticed and on your way to the career of your dreams. Here are some ideas while job hunting on the edge:

  • Creative Marketing Materials-Get noticed with unusual business cards or a video resume on CD or jump drive.
  • Rent an airplane banner-Although expensive, this will definitely get people's attention. Use your website to draw people in and go from there.
  • YouTube Video-Start a sensation with a YouTube video. These videos can be reposted on blogs like this one and myspace and facebook pages. Start a grass roots event using your online network.
  • Speak Publicly every chance you get-Give public presentations and speeches at every opportunity to broaden your network and your public image. Make sure you have those marketing materials handy.
  • Be googleable. Get your name and information out on the world wide web. Get a website, a blog, or a myspace, facebook page. Get on zoominfo. Customers, clients, and prospective companies often google candidates during the hiring process.

Setting yourself apart from the rest takes time and a lot of effort. Do what's right for you and good things will follow.

Next time. . . The Salary Negotiation Process