January 7, 2008

Recruiter's Take on Resume Posting on Job Boards

For myself as a recruiter, online job boards are a great source of candidates. In the staffing business, we call this resume mining. As a recruiter, when I log onto Monster, Hotjobs, or CareerBuilder and select the search function, I can select the parameters to mine resumes. Some options include search by zip code, recent updated or newly posted resumes by 1 week, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days, and by keyword search.

Some things to consider when you post your resume:

1. Update your resume frequently. Resumes that are updated frequently get more hits and contact from a recruiter. Resumes are listed by relevancy to keyword search and by most recent.

2. Consider the title of your resume. When your resume title is, "J-dawg's updated resume," a recruiter can see this. What first impression do you want to leave the recruiter with? Consider creative and professional ways to get the recruiter's attention in 7 words or less.

3. Use a professional email address. Hotchick59@yahoo.com and others are absolutely not appropriate to use for an email address on your resume. Use gmail, yahoo, or hotmail to create a new, professional email. I caution you from using the year you were born in your email address as well.

4. Make sure your resume includes "buzz words." Buzz words are industry or position specific words that as a recruiter I will search for resumes that include these words. Do some homework to determine which words are commonly used.

5. Be honest. Don't waste your or the recruiter's time by misrepresenting yourself with a false resume.

6. Steer clear of confidential resumes. Include at the least an email or a phone number where a recruiter can contact you. Yes, you will receive some spam and unwanted solicitations but it is much easier for me as a recruiter to associate a name with your resume. If you are concerned with identify theft, don't include your address or only use the first initial of your last name like Steven P.

Next time. . . Generation Y--Y Can't I Find a Job??