May 11, 2009

OKC Listed as one of Top 10 Best Cities for Remote Workers

Oklahoma City is one of the top 10 best midsized cities for remote workers

Would you be surprised to know that Oklahoma City is one of the top 10 best midsized cities for remote workers? According to initial findings from a survey of information workers commissioned by Microsoft Corp., Oklahoma City was slotted at number six. Today, a growing number of area employees are spending one or more of their work days at home each week. What’s occurring is a quiet but very real and steady shift toward teleworking.

The top 10 best midsized cities for remote workers are these:

#1 San Diego

#2 West Palm Beach

#3 Buffalo, N.Y.

#4 Salt Lake City

#5 Raleigh, N.C.

#6 Oklahoma City

#7 Nashville, Tenn.

#8 Charleston, S.C.

#9 Greensboro, N.C.

#10 Hartford-New Haven, Conn.

Until recent years, businesses often objected to remote workers. Preconceived notions pinned remote workers as difficult to locate when you needed them, security risks and in need of expensive technical support. The workers themselves often felt disconnected. Thankfully, new technologies have emerged to squash those objections significantly and have contributed to the viability of remote working.

Advancements in technology have made remote working not only more convenient for the worker, but for the employer as well. While the employee will see a significant improvement in their work-life balance, employers can look forward to spending less on travel expenses. Innovations like video conferencing allow meetings to occur between people who are in different locations, without ever taking away from the valuable face-to-face interaction that is so important in the work world. Additionally, mobile phones provide the same access to documents and co-workers that a regular work computer does.

Surprisingly, despite the widely understood business and personal benefits, the survey results suggest that workers need a more formal usage policy from their employers before they will embrace remote working. According to those surveyed, even though nearly two-thirds of employers are supportive of remote working arrangements, less than half of their employees have ever used the option. Businesses that encourage and empower their employees to work remotely now, will gain a much-needed competitive advantage for the future.

If you are tired of the confines of your cubicle, don’t fret. As one of the top ranked midsized U.S. cities for remote working, Oklahoma City has businesses that are ready to go mobile! Using the survey results could be a great way to start a conversation with your boss on how to implement a remote working policy.

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