September 22, 2008

B4J Tip of the Week

Job fair season is upon us, and it's a great opportunity to network with companies and recruiters. Print off multiple resume copies, have your personal and professional business cards handy, and look your best!

Approach each recruiter at your top companies and introduce yourself. Don't forget to have your handshake ready! Inquire about opportunities at their company or any openings they are aware of. Make sure to get a copy of their business card and follow up with an email or handwritten note.

Recruiters, in general are a very networked bunch. This is a great way to find "unadvertised" openings that so many of the experts talk about while rapidly increasing your networking circle. Focus on building several solid and meaningful relationships with a handful of these recruiters. I recommend you offer to meet for lunch or inquire to set up an informational interview.

You'll be amazed at your success!!

Happy Hunting!