October 17, 2007

Spell Check Is Your Friend. . .

All I have to say is use it! Spell Check that is. I've talked alot in this blog about using your resume as a marketing tool. Build a campaign and stick to it. Would you be okay with Nike misspelling words in their advertising campaign? Would it change your opinion about the company's product quality?

Yup, you bet it would!

Hiring Managers see a misspelling as a extension of your work performance. Many professionals I speak with state that just one misspelling can put you in the no pile. Yes, I'm serious!! Make sure your resume and coverletter are flawless. Use spellcheck, but I suggest go a step further and have someone else proofread them.

Yes, I'm serious!! With the use of text messaging and electronic emailing, spelling seems less important, but it's not. Don't take it for granted. Use your marketing tools to get you noticed and your foot in the door. It's like having a mustard stain on your white blouse when you're on the first date. Make the most of your first impression!!

Next time. . . Perception is Reality!